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About Us

About Us

Who is that anyway? And where do they actually come from?

The Schwollener Senfmanufaktur is a small family business on the edge of the Hunsrück Hochwald National Park.
The company was founded in 2014 by Rainer Switala in Solingen. The idea for making mustard was born
born by pure chance. The Switala family has an apple tree in the garden.
In late summer 2013, like every year, this apple tree bore so few apples that
that there wasn't even enough for an apple pie...
Rebekka Switala then suggested to her husband that she wanted to try using the few apples
to make an apple mustard. Rainer Switala was quite skeptical and dismissed this idea as nonsense.
Nevertheless, his wife prevailed and made the apple mustard. The idea of ​​making your own mustard
was born with it and could definitely be expanded. So over time with more fruits and
Keep experimenting with other ingredients!

The couple's friends and family came to try it out and were thoroughly impressed. Every tester has
now his own favorite mustard!
Knobi mustard, chili mustard, fig mustard, honey mustard and pineapple curry mustard are now among them
Most popular and best-selling varieties from the Schwollen mustard factory! Because for the production of mustard
Different types of vinegar are required (the basic ingredients of mustard are mustard seeds and vinegar)
There was no question for the Switalas that they also prepared the vinegars themselves. As a basis
Brandy vinegar is used for most vinegars. A few types of vinegar are made from balsamic vinegar.

For some time now, Rebekka Switala has been making oil for her own use, for example for preparing salad dressings
for preparing hearty dishes such as fried potatoes! This is how the product range of the Schwollen mustard factory became
expanded to include different types of oil. The fried potato oil has found its way into hearts and hearts within a very short time
especially “sizzled” to the taste buds of many customers. The mustard factory can hardly keep up with the production of this oil!
The basis of almost all oils is rapeseed oil, some oils are also made with olive oil, but this is already out of date
Name of the corresponding oil - e.g. garlic olive oil or chili olive oil. All products are made exclusively from
made from fresh ingredients. We use products from local producers wherever possible and forego the good ones
Taste for any added flavors or preservatives.